K.I.D.S. on a Mission

Children's Church


Faith Bible Church is committed to supporting missionaries both at home and abroad. We also recognize that children should be exposed to a regular church service, though they sometimes find it difficult to sit through and learn in the traditional church setting. Our K.I.D.S. on a Mission children’s church offers our smallest brothers and sisters—grades 1 through 5—an opportunity to be exposed to both missions and a traditional church service that is appropriate to their learning and developmental level.


Services include a time of worship through music, a bible message presented through various methods designed to accommodate different learning styles and to hold their attention, scripture memorization, object lessons, and missionary stories. The entire service “takes place” in a fictitious village located in the Seychelles Islands of Eastern Africa where puppet missionaries Markus and Faith Goldcrown are currently “stationed.” Here the children learn pertinent Bible lessons while also learning how to share their faith with others.

Join us Sundays at 11:00AM