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Classic Conversations

Classical Conversations empowers you to guide your child’s educational development at every age (and teaches you, too!). The Christ-centered homeschool curriculum is rooted in the classical model and is in tune with the way children naturally learn.

We believe education is best experienced together, and that’s why community is the bedrock of our homeschool model. When you’re a part of Classical Conversations, you belong to a local community that’s got your back, whether you need help with math or an extra hand running errands. You and your child benefit from the type of comprehensive, Christian education that creates a lifelong love of learning.

Want to cultivate an inquisitive, thoughtful child through an intentional, community-based approach? Interested in learning together with families like yours? We'll equip you with the tools and support you need to teach a Christ-centered worldview that’s rooted in the classical model. Tutors use the Foundations and Essentials Curriculum, which outline a comprehensive core of grammar for history, science, English grammar, Latin, geography, and math. Students will encounter these facts again later in the Challenge programs. In addition to weekly memory work, students also participate in public speaking, science projects, and art and music activities, building a firm foundation for a rich education.

Parents and children ages 4+ meet August through April at Faith Bible Church on Mondays from 9am-12pm (Foundations). After eating lunch and enjoying recess together, children 9+ stay for Essentials from 1-3pm. Challenge programs for the middle school and high school years meet from 8am-3pm.  

Nursery for children 0-3 is available for those enrolled in our community.


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