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Courageous Heart Ministries

Courageous Heart Ministries is run by Jovon and Destiny Escudero. Courageous Heart's core focus is to PREPARE couples by equipping them with a deeper and more meaningful understanding of

their partner and to Enrich the ever-changing seasons of marriage and family life through community events and

couple-to-couple facilitation.

Putting Ring on Hand

Our mission is to connect, protect and renew the sacred covenant of marriage through the guiding power of the Holy Spirit.

Who We Serve

Pre-Marital, Married Parents and Parents seeking to adopt.

What it is?

Prepare-Enrich is a personalized assessment tool that adapts and reacts to the ever-changing realities of marriage and family life. Through Prepare-Enrich, couples understand family dynamics, personality, stress, strengths, and growth areas. The core scales in PREPARE/ENRICH cover the topics of communication, conflict resolution, partner style and habits, financial management, leisure activities, affection and sexuality, family and friends, relationship roles, and spiritual beliefs.

The facilitators (Jovon & Destiny) typically meet with a couple weekly/bi-weekly and are trained to share the assessment results while teaching skills from the Couple’s Workbook. During the feedback process, the facilitator receives a Facilitator’s Report (20-25 pages) and uses it to work with a couple. The couple is given their own Couple’s Report (10 pages) and Couple’s Workbook (25 pages) containing exercises covering the major topics from the assessment. 

The Goal

Prepare & Enrich seeks to improve marriage and family life satisfaction by providing resources to help manage daily stressors, arrange priorities, and establish positive relational and parental boundaries and structure.

The core exercises of the program are to explore strength and growth areas, strengthen communication skills, identify and manage major stressors, resolve conflicts using a ten-step model, develop a more balanced relationship using the couple and family maps, and understand personality differences in order to maximize teamwork. 

Our Programs

  • PREPARE/ENRICH Program (All Year)

  • Marriage Olympics (Spring, Summer)

  • Family Bonfire Nights (Spring, Summer, Fall)

  • Marriage Conference (Fall, Winter)

  • Dance & Devos (Fall, Winter)

  • Themed Marriage Night Out (Once a Year)

  •  Small groups (Throughout the Year)

  • Authentic Men Small Group (Fall, Winter)

  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Spotify
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