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Iliana McNutt

Biblical Counselor M.S.P

Iliana McNutt is the wife of Pastor Rob and a mother of three young men. The family moved to Southern Maryland in May of 2007 and have served at Faith Bible for over 15 years. Iliana taught HS Bible and Spanish at the Kings Christian Academy for 12 years before becoming a full-time counselor at the church. She received her B.S in Biblical Studies with a minor in urban psychology from Washington Bible College/Lancaster Bible College and her M.S. in Psychology with a doctoral program concentration from Regent University. She and her husband have been coaching/counseling couples and individuals for over 20 years. Iliana loves helping and serving people and has been involved in various ministries throughout her Christian life. She enjoys planning and organizing, hosting family and friends, jet skiing, traveling, and car camping in her spare time. 


Iliana specializes in biblical counseling psychology that is gospel-centered, relationship-based, and clinically informed. She is trained in psychopathology and equipped to recognize the signs of anxiety and depression. Iliana has a comprehensive knowledge of personality theories and basic clinical counseling skills and techniques, such as CBT. Her counseling sessions consist of psychoeducation, Life coaching, and biblical principles; She applies her life coaching skills, the current psychological research in cognitive and affective psychology, and biblical principles to practical areas of human concern.

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