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Tom Weaver

Certified Sexual Recovery Leader

Tom has been self-employed for many years, enabling him to live an “easy” double life. Although Tom’s sexual addiction affected his first marriage, there was no recognition of the addiction until 2015. Sixteen years into his marriage to Michele, Tom’s life of pornography and sexual addiction were exposed.

The pain of betrayal affects the whole family, and with three grown children and a wife he didn’t want to lose, Tom chose the road to recovery over the addiction. With God and Michele by his side, as well as supports such as Celebrate Recovery, Conquer Series, Pure Desire, Undone Redone, and Dr. Doug Weiss, Tom has been able to change himself personally and his marriage with Michele.


Now, Tom leads other men in their journey to recovery. Having walked in their shoes, Tom is able to empathize with their struggles and bring hope and encouragement that they, too, can find freedom. Tom is a Regional Group Advisor for Pure Desire Ministries International, and he now is certified in Sexual Addiction Recovery, Partners Recovery, and Intimacy Anorexia through the American Association of Sex Addiction Therapy (AASAT). He is now a certified Men’s Group Leadership Training Level 1 by AASAT. He is also PSAP certified through iiTAP.


In 2019, Michele and Tom organized the Come to the Table Conference at Faith Bible Church in order to bring awareness to the epidemic of pornography, sexual addiction, and intimacy anorexia. The Come to the Table Conference hosted international speakers including Dr. Doug Weiss of the Heart to Heart Counseling Center and Tray and Melody Lovvorn of Undone Redone

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